life as an artist

Dialing Back

Last month I realized I was quickly digging myself into the same busy-busy-busy pit I'd happily climbed out of over the holidays and decided that in June I'd pull back a bit in order to get my schedule and brain and body to a better place. I am such a naturally driven person that it is hard for me to pull back and allow myself space and free time - I normally fill it with barreling onward in whatever way I can. 

This month I'm about turning inward, getting back to nature, getting my health/fitness routine in place, slowing down, detaching a little, and no more being wrapped up in social media! These past few months I've been obsessed with Instagram, and it's totally been messing with me. I've stopped paying as much attention to my numbers just for the past day and I ALREADY feel a sense of relief.

Yesterday I started a painting that was just for me and just for fun. It's weird to even say that, because you would think that my sketchbook is just for me, but when it comes to sharing something publicly every single day it kind of becomes something else. Having these other art pieces going on in the background at my own pace without any consideration that they have to be seen or shared will be comforting. There have been several occasions where I've questioned whether or not sketching every day is actually helping, and it's really good to see that it is. Here's my progress 6 hours in on my new piece:

6 hours. My mind automatically jumps to, "If this has already taken 6 hours, who knows how much longer it'll take; will I be able to price something like this accordingly?" I am deciding not to worry about it. I'm going to keep it fun and have faith that the pieces will come together when the time is right.

It's taken me about a week to come down off the level of busy-ness I've been at for the past couple of months to really start with some of these goals, but perhaps I'll be able to create a sustainable balance in my schedule. That's the dream, right? So funny when we are not busy we're scrambling to make things happen and when we are busy we are dreaming of slowing down. Wouldn't it be nice to be in the middle and just enjoy each part for what it is?