Don't stop til you get enough.

Digital Photography
My full-time focus for many years, concentrating primarily on portraiture. (2007-2017)

Instax Weird
Merging surreal interests + photography in a spontaneous, honest format. (2016-present)

Surreal Paintings
Colorful, intuited scenes in acrylic paint on panel. (2015-present)

Surreal Collages
Digital collages exploring gender, past, and unknown. (2017)

Why the Long Face?
A collaboration of acrylic painting on photographs. Image credits are found on each photo. (2015-2017)

Bananas McGhee
Balancing the blues and chronic pain with something a little lighter. (Q1 2016)

Emotional mixed-media paintings to carry me through times of depression, anxiety, discomfort, and personal healing work. (2016-2017)

365 Sketchbook
A page of marks for every day of 2015. View the full project here. (2015)

Abstract Acrylics
A spill of emotions and experiences on canvas. (2009-2018)

le animalé
Full-time small business of small sculpture and animal-themed accessories and jewelry featured on Elle Kids, Family Circle, Hello Giggles, The Jealous Curator, Etsy, Buzzfeed and more. Collaborations with Land of Nod and Anthropologie. (2011-present)

Side hustle inspired by a love of crystals and creating. Jewelry pieces are made with casted pewter and copper electroforming over hand-sculpted details.