This is a project I took on in 2015. I completed a 30-day sketch challenge in September 2014, which was so fun I decided to go for a whole year in 2015. I commissioned a sketchbook specifically for the project so that I’d have one page for each day, then starting January 1 I sketched everyday until the end of the year. My sketches could be anything at all as long as I put something down on the page. I am happy to say I didn’t miss any days, and you can scroll through the project in its entirety below! Read more about the process as I went along over on my blog

Full Project

Jun. 25 - Aug. 23

Jan. 1 - Feb. 24

Aug. 24 - Oct. 22

Feb. 25 - Apr. 25

Oct. 23 - Dec. 21

Apr. 26 - Jun. 24

Dec. 22 - Dec. 31